Graphic Films Quality and Finishing Performance Evaluation

Graphic films are gaining popularity and are broadly used for aesthetic or advertising purposes. This strong demand currently comes from the automotive industry. The common application within the automotive industry includes providing polished surface finishing or using as vehicle graphics.

Heat is often applied during the installation of graphic films, and this can affect the overall uniformity of the film’s appearance. Additionally, the use of cleaning solution and grinding pads during post-installation can affect the film’s surface finishing. Stringent testing, both before and after the installation, is needed to ensure the continued quality and finishing performance of graphic films. Gloss, haze and orange peel are attributes commonly measured when evaluating the quality and finishing performance of graphic films.

When it comes to measuring gloss, haze and orange peel, appearance testing instrument like Rhopoint IQ-S and IQ-S Flex 20 would be helpful. Both instruments provide fast and accurate measures of appearance quality, from gloss and haze to Distinctness of Image (DOI) and Reflected Image Quality (RIQ), with ease.

Check out this white paper to learn more about appearance measurement.

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