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The CA-100Plus quickly, accurately, and more sensitively measures the whiteness of a light display.

(Discontinued) CA-100Plus Color Analyzer

Offering several rewarding benefits, the CA-100Plus Color Analyzer is easy to use and extremely accurate. Its lightweight design makes it painless to transport and use. You can use the color analyzer to determine a light source’s whiteness and brightness.

The display is designed with a receptor head at the front. This allows you to get measurement and light projection recordings within seconds. You can easily read the measurements as they display across the color analyzer’s large screen. Ambient light effects are reduced with the rubber tip located on the receptor head.

In addition to being displayed as luminance, measurements produced by the CA-100Plus Color Analyzer are shown in color temperature values or standard color. You can also see revised measurements on the screen if you deviate or move away from original reference values. Furthermore, RGB values that display make it possible for you to balance source whiteness levels quickly.

Compatible for use with the CA-100 environment and records, you can make seamless upgrades with the CA-100Plus Color Analyzer.

CA-100Plus Color Analyzer from Konica Minolta Sensing

(Discontinued) CA-100Plus Color Analyzer

  • Quick measurements – maximum speed of 20 cycles per second
  • Highly accurate – plus or minus 0.002 for white and plus or minus 0.004 for primary colors
  • Can measure low brightness – can measure brightness levels as low as 0.05cd/m2
  • Easy to upgrade – fully compatible with CA-100 data
  • Multiple sensors – up to 5 sensors can be connected using the expansion board, sold separately

(Discontinued) CA-100Plus Color Analyzer

Owner’s Manual: Download PDF (2.3MB)