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The CA-2000 is a highly accurate 2D color analyzer  that uses XYZ filters and high-resolution CCD to two-dimensionally measure the luminance and chromaticity distribution of a variety of light sources.

(Discontinued) CA-2000 2D Color Analyzer

Highly accurate, the CA-2000 2D Color Analyzer has a high resolution CCD and XYZ filters which are used to measure a broad range of light sources. The 2D color analyzer measures chromaticity and luminance distributions in two dimensions.

Producing highly accurate measurements, the CA-2000, works with XYZ filters and CCD to two-dimensionally read the uniformity, distribution and chromaticity of multiple kinds of light sources. Included with the CA-2000 2D Color Analyzer is a CA-S20w software. Using the software, you can display light source measurements to begin evaluating and analyzing the data. Readings produced by the CA-2000 2D color analyzer are easy to interpret.

The CD-2000 lenses not only come in three sizes, the lenses can be used interchangeably. The instrument’s telephoto, wide and standard lenses measure different size objects easily. Its CCD is designed with 1 million pixels making it a true high resolution device. Calibrate lenses individually with the various focal points. Calibration makes it possible for you to reduce the number of inaccurate measurements as a result of responsivity fluctuations generated by the CD-2000 2D color analyzer’s lens, optical filters and sensors.

CA-2000 2D Color Analyzer from Konica Minolta Sensing

(Discontinued) CA-2000 2D Color Analyzer

  • Easy to use – simple instrument and software operation enable results to be easily viewed and configured
  • XYZ filters – enables spectral response that correlates closely with the CIE 1931 color matching functions
  • 1 million pixel CCD – provides very high resolution results
  • Interchangeable lenses – standard, wide, and telephoto lenses enable measurements of objects of various sizes
  • Lens calibration – each lens is calibrated at various focal points
  • Integrate 256 measurements – ensures accurate measurements even at low luminance levels

(Discontinued) CA-2000 2D Color Analyzer

Owner’s Manual: Download PDF (467KB)

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