Hyperspectral Imaging for Research Made Easy With Specim IQ

Spectral imaging is a technique that combines spectroscopy with imaging to collect the spectral information of an object from the wavelength in the spectrum while simultaneously recording the spatial information in an image.

Spectral imaging can be divided into Hyperspectral Imaging (HSI) and Multispectral Imaging (MSI). The main difference between the two is that HSI can capture information from a large number of contiguous and narrow spectral bands, and MSI captures information only from a limited number of broad spectral bands. With a higher spectral resolution, HSI can provide more detailed information for better and easier identification, measurement, and mapping of an object’s biological, chemical, and physical properties.

Difference between Multispectral Imaging and Hyperspectral Imaging

HSI is used increasingly in various research applications due to its ability to provide detailed spectral and spatial information of an object non-invasively. For example, it can be used to measure chlorophyll content or detect the presence of anthocyanin in plants to analyze their health and growth like stress, nutritional state, etc. Within the food industry, HSI can be used to study the food chemical composition, ripeness, or bruising of fruits and vegetables, etc. HSI also shows potential in the medical science field where it can be used to study skin cancer.

When it comes to HSI, Specim offers various leading HSI systems, notably the Specim IQ. A portable and line scan-based (pushbroom) hyperspectral camera, the Specim IQ offers a simple operation and user interface similar to a digital camera. The mobility of Specim IQ makes them suitable for both laboratory and field/on-site research. When used with Specim IQ Studio software, measured data can be processed based on the processing model uploaded to the Specim IQ camera. Additionally, the Specim IQ has an in-built scanner and doesn’t require any external scanner like most line-scan HSI cameras.

The innovative and versatile Specim IQ is designed to be as simple to use as possible, allowing anyone, from beginners to experts, to perform HSI measurement with ease. Check out this video to see how HSI is made easy with Specim IQ.

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