Measuring Small LEDs – MicroLEDs

Measuring Small LEDs - MicroLEDs

MicroLED (µLED) is an emerging display technology with outstanding features like high contrast ratios, wide color gamut, low power consumption and long lifetime. One microLED generally measures less than 100 micrometers (µm) or around 1/100 the size of a conventional LED. MicroLEDs shares several traits with OLEDs technology; self-emissive and doesn’t require a backlight. But unlike OLEDs, it uses an inorganic Gallium Nitride (GaN) material to produce its own light. This reduces the need for encapsulation and polarizing layer, allowing display panels to be made thinner. For applications that require brightness and efficiency like smart watches, head-up displays (HUDs), virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) headsets, the use of microLED technology is ideal.

While promising in terms of its performance, microLED technology is still not yet commercialize. There are still multiple manufacturing challenges that need addressing and one such challenges would be the testing and inspection technologies. Given its tiny size and the massive amount of microLED chips required to make a display, the use of conventional testing equipment is unsuitable.

Konica Minolta along with group company, Radiant Vision Systems, offers display evaluation solutions such as Display Color Analyzer CA-410 Small Spot Probes and ProMetric photometers/colorimeters that helps user test and inspect microLED display performance with ease.

General display performance testing includes:

  • Luminance, chromaticity and uniformity measurement
  • White balance adjustment/inspection
  • Gamma/grayscale adjustment/inspection
  • Flicker measurement/adjustment
  • Color gamut measurement
  • variation across view angles evaluation
  • Anti-glare sparkle effects evaluation
  • Pixel defects detection

Display testing instruments prometric and color display analyzer ca-410

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